1. Late to the party, episode 1000 (aka I can’t be a hipster because this stuff was cool a long time ago).

    In subscribing to Felicia Day’s new Geek and Sundry channel I came across some comedy projects by Geek co-founder and Guild producer, Kim Evey. Over 4 years ago she launched a two season 5 min online comedy show called “Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show” (later picked up by Sony and Crackle). Apparently it was a viral sensation but as those go they often fade quickly (so maybe this is why I never heard of it). It is part Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Puffy Ami Yumi (which Evey was a writer on at one time) and a Japanese game show. This is one of those things that seems wrong but is so funny. I think Evey is pretty convincing as a Japanese girl (even though she was born in Korea and moved to the US at the age of 1). I especially love the show where she mistakes Ron Jeremy for Jeremy Irons. “Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine” grew out of a improv sketch that Evey had done at the Acme Theatre in Los Angeles. Still not sure what to think of this short series but it’s pretty crazy. Sadly the show ended years ago with Evey taking on a bigger role as a producer for web series The Guild and the new Geek and Sundry channel. To get an idea of her range all you have to do is also seek out Two Hot Girls In The Shower (another shorts show she did with a friend).

    I think of Gorgeous Tiny as more of a satire on the ridiculousness of Japanese game shows and tv shows than making Kiko look a stereotype per se. What do you think?